Trade advice please - Graham for Jones

Been offered Marvin Jones for Jimmy Graham. I also have Engram on my roster. My other WR’s are Crabtree, Thielen, Hilton, Adams and Sanu. We have a W/R/T flex position on the line-up and i’m the only one so far to use the TE in that spot (week 10 when Graham and Engram both put up double digits).

Would anyone make this trade?

EDIT: Apologies, forgot to say this is an 8-man 0.5PPR

I’d say no on this one. Jones has been good lately but Graham is a touchdown machine.


Life long Hawks fan here. This is the first time since Jimmy got here where I’ve hoped they actually renew his contract. Russ is trusting him in the end zone finally. I wouldn’t get rid of him.

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Yeah I was leaning that way. Thanks guys!

I’d hold onto both tes ur fine wit ur WRs…