Trade Advice...PLEASE HELP

I am 6-1 in my league. Do I accept an offer for Amari Cooper and Jordan Reed for Michael Thomas (I have Hunter Henry). Or accept an offer for Amari Cooper and Lamar Miller for Michael Thomas(I have Demarco Murray and Alvin Kamara).

I am getting Michael Thomas to be clear.

i think with Carr’s back back… cooper is on the up… maybe not 30point up but his value should be higher.

Out the two in would give up reed rather than Miller. So i would accept the top deal. I rate Thomas more than Cooper rest of season both in match ups and consistency (plus a bye week)

I think Cooper has a lower value than Thomas but maybe get a tight end back as well would be a bonus but you don’t want to push it in case he renages

Appreciate the advice, his only TE is Zach Ertz so i’m not even going to bother. I

Fair ye that’s a non starter. Maybe a small piece of rb/wr but either way I think you’re ok to accept the deal