Trade advice please ! I’m tired of joe Mixon!

Jason said Joe Mixon days will come but do i make this trade??

I get:
Diontae Johnson
David Montgomery
Jamison Crowder

I give up:
Joe Mixon
James Robinson
Jeff Wilson Jr.

I would definatelly not give up james robinson for that trade

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Start James Robinson no matter what from here on out, shoot he may be your 2nd best RB.

I would trade Mixon for a WR2 if possible in full PPR

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James is too valuable for that? You don’t fear Ozigbo coming back?


I’m not worried. Maybe I should as an owner of James Robinson but he’s a volume based RB1 (RB5 in full-PPR) right now, crazy at it may sound.

If you want to sell him make sure you get a WR1 in return.

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