Trade advice please. Josh Jacobs

8 team league. .5 ppr
Giving Kenny G and Josh Jacobs for Davante Adams and John Taylor.

Good move ? Or NAHT ?

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hmm thats close I think id do it. adams puts it over the top

What does your RB and WR depth look like?

I think you got to do that trade. Who knows when Kenny G will be 100%, and you are getting JT!

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Woods, Ridley, Gallup
CEH , Melvin Gordon, Akers, Gibson, Montgomery

Definitely make this trade. You get a solid WR1 in Adams. He will end up as a top 5 WR this season, arguably top 3. And you get Taylor in exchange for Jacobs, which is a slight downgrade, but Adams makes up for the difference and some. Get er done!