Trade advice please pls pls

Trade away CEH for Julio Jones and Monty?

I have Jacobs, Gibson and Mckinnon at RB

At WR I have Cooper, Robinson, Anderson, Green

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I wouldn’t. CEH I feel has better upside and is better pairs with Jacobs than Monty. Also I feel you could live better with Cooper and Robinson ROS than Monty and Jacobs ROS.


I’d just stand pat. You have TWO RB1’s. That’s hard to accomplish even in 10 team leagues. Your WR’s are fine as-is. You can ride your current team through the season barring any injuries.

I have CEH in one league and if there’s any player that I WILL NOT TRADE, it’s him. When your floor is still over 15 pts even against the Ravens D, you stay in my lineup forever.


I agree with the two above. I used to have Jones rostered many moons ago and the man lives on the unity report.