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Trade Advice Please


My Brandon Marshall and DeMarco Murray for his Mike Evans? 10 Team full point PPR. Thanks in advance!

My Team:
Keenan Allen
T.Y. Hilton
Davante Adams
Eric Decker
Brandon Marshall
Devonte Freeman
DeMarco Murray
Isaiah Crowell
Doug Martin
Kareem Hunt
Zach Ertz


I wouldn’t do it. It is not a bad trade but your wr’s are solid. Yes it would be a slight upgrade but losing Murray would hurt more. RB are very valuable especially later in the season. You just got another starter in Hunt. If anything see what he does first then trade Hunt away or something. I would keep your team as is.


Thanks a lot, I ended up not making that trade. How do you feel about Murray and Martin for Zeke?


I’d stay with you current team. Solid starters all around and awesome backups


Your team is fine, don’t bother.


Damn. Already put in the trade for Zeke…maybe I should have the commissioner veto it. Will the loss of Murray and Martin really hurt my team even if I get Zeke?


Start Freeman and hunt and see what happens week 1, you’ll have crow to replace if needed. You’ll be fine


You’d start Hunt vs New England week one?


Not getting Zeke back until week 8 is a killer for me. Hopefully you can hang around close to playoffs until then.


I was just offered Zeke/Pryor for Murray and Decker. Idk if I should go for it.


Honestly man if you wanted zeke that bad you could have drafted him over murray. I think you should stay with murray be is a beast and you wouldn’t even use pryor in your team cause your starting wr are better. You do not need to trade away anyone man! Ride it out to a championship


You got a good team, man. I wouldn’t have made the Zeke trade but I don’t think it will hurt you. You have very good running backs…