Trade advice! please

im currently 1-2 and in need of a running back. I have Jordan Howard and Marshawn Lynch as my RB options with Philip Lindsay, Jordan Wilkins, and Crowell on my bench. I can offer WRs I have Hopkins, Allen, Hilton, Godwin, & Lockett. Any advice on who i can target?

Maybe try and package Godwin and lynch for a rb2 with 1 upside like a Coleman or Hyde,maybe even cook if the owner is getting fed up of the injury.

Yeah try like Crowell and Godwin for Coleman or something of that nature.

You may have to give up Hilton if you want to move Crowell. Or aim lower. I wouldn’t even think about accepting that deal if I received it…

thanks for the advice, people in my league over value their players way too much. i currently offered Lynch and Hopkins for fournette and was told it wasnt enough