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Trade Advice PPR league


I received a trade offer I trade away David Johnson For Golden Tate and Marlon Mack.

Should I accept or Deny?


I dont know the latest with DJ, but if you’re team is hurting and you need some guys to plug in your lineup I would consider this. If your record and team are in good shape without this trade I’d hold on to him. I believe the Cards getting AP is a good sign. If the Cardinals are playoff contenders the back half of the season, DJ could be more motivated that ever after missing half the season. And after all, we’re just talking about a wrist injury, nothing with his legs that they have to worry about.

Anyone with more knowledge on how wrist injuries could affect his play, please chime in. I may be wrong and they do ease him back in but IMO he could be a great guy to have during the fantasy playoffs


You could get more for DJ, and that’s if you REALLY need to move him. All you have to do is make the playoffs man, from there DJ should do his job and help you win those playoff games. I would try to make some offers giving out DJ for some trades that you like more than this current one.


I’m at 3-2 i lost Dalvin Cook and OBJ back to back weeks that’s why I was entertaining the trade offer but I think I’m going to hold on to DJ for now.