Trade advice qb for wr

Would you trade Mike Evans for deshaun Watson? My other receivers are Adams, Alshon, Godwin and Sammy watkins

I would probably trade him for a RB and keep streaming QBs, but if your RBs are rock solid, this is probably a good move.

Helllllllll na man. You trade Mike Evans for a RB2 plus Watson.

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@jnations0204, I mean… sure maybe you could have done that right after the draft, but we are 2 games into the season and Evans has had 2 bad weeks. Watson is an elite QB, and you’re not going to get him plus a RB from a WR that started the season ranked around WR12 and has significantly disappointed since.

It’s totally possible that Evans regains his 2018 form and score huge points all year long, but where we stand right now, with just 2 awful data points, you’re not going get anywhere near that value in a trade.

I think he may go for it cus he’s other qb is mahomes

My rbs are kerryon carson Conner and freeman

Which are you getting?

If giving Evans, yes. You’re pretty solid at WR - especially with Godwin.

Watson will be a safe bet to put up 30+ points every game.