Trade advice: RB combo for Julio

10 team PPR - I’m on the bubble of making the playoffs. I have a stable of RBs and am trying to upgrade at WR.
My RBs: Saquon, Fournette, A Jones, Kerryon, Mack.
My WRs: Adams, Diggs, Baldwin, Sutton

I’m trying to get Julio and offered him two of A Jones/Kerryon/Mack, but he said it would have to be Fournette and one of those guys. It would probably be Fournette/Kerryon. Basically, can I trust A Jones as my RB2? What do you think

The way I see it is your default lineup looks like either:
RB: Saquon, Fournette
WR: Adams, Diggs
Flex: Aron Jones

RB: Saquon, A Jones
WR: Adams, Julio Jones
Flex: Diggs

So the question for you is who nets more playoff points? Fournette or Julio Jones

see if he’ll do your original offer if you throw in Baldwin. Not sure it does anything but some people are holding on to the name