Trade advice (RBs)

12 team standard league.

LeSean Mccoy and Royce Freeman


Carlos Hyde and Devonte Freeman

D Freeman’s knee injury worries me but I’m not sure I want the stress of McCoy and R Freeman ROS.

Should I pull the trigger asap??

If ur offered that take it immediately… even if Royce gets the job like I expect to happen in about 2 or 3 weeks u still got Hyde whos gonna be productive with baker and freeman who is still gonna get his touches

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Echoing this. Trade seems seriously in your favor. Take it and run!

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That’s a tough one. I think I would like the the Hyde/Freeman side too, but not by much. Of all involved, I’m lowest on McCoy due to the bad offense/suspension/injury concerns. However, I’m pretty low on Freeman, too, and didn’t take either player in any draft I did. Freeman could be one major injury / concussion away from retiring. Ideally, I’d try to move McCoy without taking on Freeman but I’m probably lower on those two than most. If I couldn’t do that, I think I’d hold McCoy until he had a breakout game and then try to sell high immediately.

Good luck

My hope is you’ve accepted this trade by now.