Trade Advice, Receive Wilson. Am I giving too much?

So my other QB currently is Brees but I’m looking for more upside in playoffs as the saints are more well rounded this year.
I’ve possibly got an option to trade Juju, Martin, and AP for Wilson to bolster my lineup. I would still have AB, Julio, and Baldwin at WR and Zeke, Alfred Morris/Rod Smith, Gurley, Shady if I have these dudes up.

He might want Doug Baldwin instead of Juju but isn’t convinced it’s unfair yet. He is hurting at all positions especially with the Mike Evans suspension.

I would do it only if I didn’t lose Baldwin. The Juju, Martin and AP is giving up plenty IMO.

With my current lineup do you think Wilson would be an upgrade? Brees has a decent floor but the ceiling is higher with Wilson for sure. I’d still have Morris or Baldwin as the flex.

Personally I think you’re fine with Bree’s

I also think youll be fine with brees. If you do get Wilson what are your plans for Brees?

I was probably going to end up playing Brees and Wilson dependent on the matchup.