Trade advice roster moves

Currently just got kamara for Michael Thomas, my team looks like this

Brees (dalton this week)
Davante Adams
Ty Hilton/ Doug Baldwin/ Corey Davis

Bench :
Bilal Powell
Jordan Howard
James White

Was offered Jordan Howard & ty hilton for Steffon diggs and Isaiah Crowell, is this a solid trade to get a stud WR after I lost Thomas?

Can you get anyone else other than Crowell? I don’t hate it just curoous to see the options?

But a roster of Brees, Gurley, Kamara, Adams, Diggs. Kittle most weeks with a flex if you have of best option is incredibly strong and i do have some concerns on Howard. Also as you have Powell i wouldn’t want two shares of the Jets backfield.

I would maybe try Howard and Davis/Baldiwn if you can for Diggs straight up?

I like Hilton and Howard over diggs and Crowell. Diggs will have big games but can also as you know not score and not have many receptions. Hilton is more of a steady play week to week. Howard is the lead back in his timeshare with crowell it’s debatable that he is the clear lead back.

I just offered Phillip Lindsay and diggs for Howard and Baldwin. He’s the bell owner who’s 0-5 so I’m going to guess he’s really trying to buy some wins. His RBs are really weak, Marshawn is his RB1 for now

Diggs is an absolute target monster for Kirk Cousins dude and is a better option ROS than TY Hilton, who is also out again this Sunday against the Jets.

I’d take this right now. Baldwin has major questions and Lindsey is a fine rotational RB for you. Howard is a shame to part with but your starting roster as i said will be elite with Diggs in it and you keep Hilton here - do it!

I’m trying to either get him or Keenan Allen. Trying to package Howard with Baldwin or Davis, I like TY ROS better than both of those guys.

Allen would be good too, either option will be a good win for you based on who you are trading away as well - good luck!

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I am also so jealous of you getting to trade Baldwin away for something good. I can’t get anything for him in my league right now so I’m stuck with him, not a major issue but still he’s a headache i’d rather not have!

Hoping for a big game, there are some 1-4 soon to be 1-5 teams i think that have guys like Lindsey and Allen who i will be onto straight away after this week if it all goes to plan!