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TRADE Advice Round 1


I am being offered the #7 & #18 picks for my #1. I have two tags in the 3rd and 4th round, D Murray and R Gronkowski. Do I sacrifice David Johnson for depth or do I role the dice with less than stellar WR1 and take DJ?

Potential Teams look like this:

David Johnson, Sammy Watkins, Demarco Murray, Rob Gronkowski, Jeremy Maclin


AJ Green, Amari Cooper, Lamar Miller, Demarco Murray, Rob Gronkowski

1/2 point PPR



So you get an extra 2nd round pick for DJ, meaning you get 3 in the top 24. It is very tempting, especially if there are some poor choices made by fellow league mates in the 1st 2 rounds.

I probably do it, but toss out a swap for his round 4 and your 5 to sweeten the deal a bit more.


There are invariably bad choices in every draft, so I am counting on that as well. I think you hit the nail on the head, if I make this trade I could have 5 of the top 24 players (Murray and Gronk), and Murray gives me some flex to be able to to get a lower tiered RB and still be comfortable.

Thanks for the insight.


De nada.

There is sure to be the “pucker factor” when giving up a shot at DJ, but from the other side of the trade, I don’t think I would give up that much for a #1 pick.


I’d probably pull the trigger on this. While passing up on DJ is hard, having two second round picks is going to give you some great players. I really like the potential team you get by giving up the #1 spot.


That’s what I kept going back to, would I make that offer for DJ? The answer is always no, regardless of the mock that I do. We have a hybrid keeper league, lose the round you draft the person, so the talent pool is extremely limited (max 2 keepers) which makes this trade even more valuable based on the talent pool.


I would do it. For more depth and it’s like double upside with a combo like A.J. Green and Amari Cooper.