Trade Advice - Search of RB - HELP!

In a 12 man, full PPR league. With Barkley out a few weeks, I am light on RB. I am heavy on WRs and feel like I need to make a move for a RB. Any suggestions on who I should target and what I should give up for the trade?

QB- Wilson
RB- Barkley (out), D. Williams (Questionable), T. Coleman (BYE/Questionable), Kerryon, and Burkhead
WR- Thielen, Lockett, Fitz, Ridley, Gordon, Chark, G. Allison

I am going to try and pick-up Gallman off waivers, but I am second to last in the order so I doubt he will fall to me. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I am thinking of trying to Trade Burkhead and Gordon for James White or Henry. Thoughts? Too much?

You have good wr depth, if you could somehow swing a trade like Lockett and burkhead or sell high on chark possibly or something along those lines for an rb like fournette or someone who’s getting volume like that. Every league obviously has different variables but with the need of rb that’s how I’d be thinkin personally