Trade Advice: Selling Chris Carson

I need some WR help. He’s got Kupp, Theilen and Fitzgerald.

He’s offering Thielen, Breida and Jimmy Graham for Chris Carson and TJ Hockenson.

Would you guys take this?

WR: Antonio Brown, Kenny Golladay, Dede Westbrook, E. Sanders
RB: Zeke, Carson, Michel, M. Sanders.
TE: Hockenson and Herndon.

I plan on plugging in Herndon once his suspension is up and just biting the bullet of playing a bad TE for 2 weeks.

bumping this post. would appreciate some advice.

Nope I definitely wouldn’t take this. You probably need a WR but he’s trying to take advantage of this. Taking quite a hit at both RB and TE imo for a WR on a team focusing on running the ball.

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Thanks for the advice @ben_jamin627

I would think you could get both Thielen and Breida for Carson alone. And even then, it may not be worth it. I wonder what other WRs you could receive if you offered Carson + Hockenson to your league.

I’d tread lightly offering those two around though… think they’re undervalued in most situations right now.

True, I’ll most likely look for some WR players who are being sold low right now.