Trade Advice: Selling Gronk

Standard league. I have OJ Howard, McDonald, Doyle, on the waivers as options Howard could be every week now he’s past the bye.

Do i trade Gronk off a solid game for an upgrade at WR and play Howard ROS or stay as i am? Team is below. Or do i swing for the fences and trade Gronk for OBJ - what plus Gronk would be the right value for OBJ in general?

QB - Cam
RBs - Gordon, Mixon, Cook, Kerryon, Coleman
WRs - Green, Landry, Davis, Baldwin, Keke, Allison(dropping for OJ Howard)
TE - Gronk
K / DST - Bailey / Ravens

OBJ owner isn’t interested in a sensible trade… just offered me Cohen and Cole for Gronk (sigh why bother).

Allen owner is interested so i guess the question being do i sell a top 5 likley ROS TE in Gronk for a hopefully top 8 - 10 WR in Allen to give me a core of Green, Allen, Landy and Baldwin and pair that with my RBs and QB for the playoff push (i’m 4-2 comfortable in 3rd) and grab one of the TEs above of waivers and play them each week? Weaken my TE position but i’d have so much depth if needed i could always trade again?

Keen to see what you do here as I’m also looking to add Howard this week and sell Gronk.

A friend of mine gave up OBJ for Gronk in his league today which I thought was crazy.

It’s an interesting trade idea, i’m pretty sure i can get Howard and the OBJ owner has come slightly backto earth!

Offers at the moment i’m discussing are:
Give Gronk/Baldwin/Coleman for OBJ/Cohen
Give Gronk/Coleman/Davis for Allen/Aaron Jones (or may keep Coleman here and just do Gronk/Davis).

OBJ owner isn’t keen but has come down to earth a little. He’s a guy who drafts a team and then expects them to stay the course all year. Doesn’t have any depth and has Evans and Hyde as his WR2/RB2 who are iffy but has the early season bias still…

OBJ owner has had a meltdown he just offered me OBJ and Cohen for Gronk and Allison?! I bite his hand off right??

Yep, bite away.

Can i get your view on the other trade offered and the views here? - URGENT Trade advice! - Gronk/OBJ/Keenan

Actually on the fence a little partly because OBJ could go off the rails this year if things carry on, while i respect the talent he seems to be at odds with the organisation and no he’s paid can do and say what he wants - like have a strop and sit out?!