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Trade Advice - Shady for Miller? (With caveats)


I have been offered a straight up trade of my Lesean McCoy for his Lamar Miller.
Its a 12 person .50 PPR keeper league and I also have Gordon. (thats about it for decent RBs)
I’m apt to keep shady because he’s the #13th ranked RB without even having a TD and has a juicy looking ROS.

The caveat—
I’m currently 1-4 and tied for last place. My optimism has died and thinking about the rest of this season has been rough.
This is a 3 player keepers league and, in thinking about next season, keeping shady would cost me $68 of my auction budget (not that i’d consider keeping for that price).
If I traded for Miller, I would have the option to keep him for $19 of my auction budget.

Also: McCoy is on a bye and in his place I have Jamaal Charles (yikes!)… filling that spot with the miller trade would help this week but leave a hole in a couple of weeks when millers on bye.

Which makes the most sense to the footclan?!
Should I attempt to grind out the rest of the season or trade and look into next season?!