Trade advice - TE and RB

Hey guys!

I just got offered a trade to receive George Kittle and Damien Williams and trade away Mark Andrews and Mark Ingram. My lineup is pretty strong and I’m currently projected to win the whole thing so is it worth it to shake up my bench just for Kittle??
My whole team
QB - Deshaun Watson
RB - Saquon Barkley
RB - Chubb
WR - Michael Thomas
WR - Keenan Allen
TE - Mark Andrews
Flex - Ekeler
D - Bears
K - Lutz

TE - Howard
WR - Mike Williams
RB - Ingram
QB - Rivers
WR - Gallup
WR - John Brown
RB - Melvin Gordon


I wouldn’t. Damien Williams is injured, and when healthy, only getting 10ish touches a game. Ingram, who I am actually lower on than most, is on a run first offense that gives him good volume. I see Ingram as an RB2 and Williams as a flex play when healthy. Meanwhile, the way things are going now, Andrews and Kittle are about equal. Kittle is the first look for Jimmy G; but, he spreads the ball around so much that Kittle’s volume has dropped. Meanwhile, Andrews is the first look and only has to compete for targets with Hollywood.
Give me the better RB option and comparable TE option

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I would stick with what you have right now. Let it play out. If things change in a few weeks, then I would seek a trade.

hold strong, dont do that or go for more. andrews should continue to a top option for ravens. i think the te swap is about even and the rb is a downgrade.