Trade Advice: Thielen

Have an offer to trade my Alex Collins / Chris Godwin for Thielen / Kenyan Drake.

My roster:

Qb: Mahomes
Rb: Melvin G. , Collins, dion Lewis, Sony Michel
WR: Michael Thomas, Landry, Kupp, Enunwa, Godwin, Michael Williams
Te: Burton

Definitely would load me up at WR. Thin me out at Rb.

Dude, if I had Thielen, I wouldn’t even trade him for Collins & Godwin but you’re getting him AND Drake. Just take the trade. If you’re worried about RB depth, flip Kupp or Mike Williams based on recent performances for an RB. Maybe Enunwa or Williams for a Kerryon/ Aaron Jones type guy before they break out.

Hurry and accept before he realizes he’s making a huge mistake

This must be a joke

Drake > Collins

Thielen >>>>> Godwin.

Take it and run man.

Bruh, this is easy. Man, I need ppl to send me trade offers last week. I had a dummy in my league offer Jordy Nelson and Mark Ingram for Zeke!!!