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Trade advice to get Henry as a Murray owner


I’m trying to make a deal for Henry seeing as Murray is my top back. 14 team league.

Guy who has Henry:
RBs: Lynch, CJ, Forte/Powell, Henry, Rawls and Williams
WRs: Baldwin, Bryant, Crowder

My team:
RBs: Murray, Martin, Gore, Stewart, Kelley
WRs: Hill, Fitz, Diggs, Decker, Ginn

Do you think offering Kelley and Decker or Ginn for Henry would be enticing to him? I do have a lot of depth at RBs, but still feel like I should target him. Any trade ideas/advice would be appreciated.


If I were that guy, I would either want to hold Henry or get a good WR. Those three WRs haven’t exactly lit it up, and Crowder has been a huge disappointment. I don;t think Decker would be that enticing at this point, especially with Seattle on tap. He might bite on Diggs, and you could sell before the rosey sent of the New Orleans game wears off.

Maybe go Diggs for Henry + Williams/Powell?