Trade advice to help with the bell storm

Which would you pick. 1. Amari cooper for Corey Davis and james Connors? 2. Amari cooper for Goodwin and james Connors? 3. Chris Hogan for james Connors straight up? Ppr and I’m the bell owner. for the rest of my wrs i have green, thielen, crowder, sutton, ridley, and fuller. my other rbs are D freeman, cohen, montgomery and penny.

I’d take Davis and Connor for Cooper


I wouldn’t do any of these trades right now for James Conner. How would you feel if you gave up Amari Cooper or Chris Hogan and then Bell shows up tomorrow and plays week 2?

I would go see if Gillislee is available and play him or Montgomery this week and re assess at this time next week.

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and frankly, if by week 3 Bell hasnt shown up, you should be trying to trade bell for a low end RB1/High end RB2

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i put him on the block and got 2 decent offers but everyone in my league reads into the 10 week hype. so i figured go for the bandage right now while i still have decent back up wrs and 2 who will develop i think. as well ill only need 3 wrs once penny gets going. i already think if connors does well this week that price will rocket and cost me a package or a wr1/2

what are the running backs that the james conner owner has right now?

Ideally you should try and trade Bell to him. It would be a smart move for you.


if you could get goodwin and conner for hogan i would do that, maybe toss in ridley with hogan. think goodwin is a wr 1 this year

but would also highly consider what Hugh said

zeke, mccoy, thompson, blount

I would offer him Bell+Davis for Zeke and see if he bites. Its a long shot but he might take it.

heres the process of what im thinking so that if this doesnt work you can analyze the best course:

If you get rid of Bell to the guy with conner, one of those two guys is a bench guy everyweek, Bell is an rb1, conner is a high end rb2, but they cant do that at the same time. You need an rb now and if you can turn Bell into Zeke based on Bells name i would 100% do it, no question. (I drafted Zeke over bell fwiw). Then you make the bell saga someone elses problem.

Just becuase you have Bell doesnt mean you need to get conners, that ship has sailed. If I was in your position I would be shopping your WRs for a starting RB. Correct me if im wrong but you have Green, Thielen, Cooper, Hogan, Crowder, Sutton, Ridley, and Fuller - the move for you is packaging two of those and get yourself a Jordan Howard or a Joe Mixon see who in your league is lacking in WR and go after their RB. You could possibly get Royce/Dalvin Cook too, BOL.


This is not a bad move either, although jordan howard would be number one on that list and its not close for me. You dont want to gamble on any of those other guys being good. Jordan howard has the track record here

i was offered howard for bell and also mixon + ap in a package for bell and both said theyre good on talking about the potential trade next week. i personally wanted to hear more about the bell situation and see the split between hoard and cohen.

I wouldnt trade bell for howard by himself, but if you can package something with bell and get a tier one running back (The only guy you have a (small) shot at of doing this is the guy who has conners cause hes got bell insurance)

If you can flip cooper for howard or something like that i would do it in a heart beat. Howard is a rb1

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I wouldnt worry about Howard losing anyhting to Cohen and if you can turn Cooper and another WR3/4 or rb3/4 into Howard do it.

Again go after another RB with your WR depth at the same time while your configuring the Bell situation.

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I wouldn’t go for either of those trades, neither of those guys offers you the per game elite production that Bell does. Don’t tilt sell because of uncertainty. The move of trading two of your WRs for a jordan howard or Mixon type definitely seems like a better move

update i ended up trading cooper for goodwin and connors.

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That’s a solid move

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