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Trade Advice. Too Many Rb's, Not Enough Time


Hey y’all, longtime listener, first time poster.
I was just wondering if you guys could give me your thoughts on this trade I’ve been proposed.
I am in a 12-team, non-ppr, 2 RB 3 WR no flex league.
My current RB’s are Bell, Hunt, DeMarco, Chris Carson, and David Johnson
My current WR’s are Cooks, Crabtree, Martavis, and Cobb
I was offered a trade of Bell and Cobb for Mike Evans and Ty Montgomery.
Do you guys think I should accept?
Thank you!


This seems like a fair trade, although I feel it would be better to wait till at least tomorrow to see if more information is available on how long Ty will be out.


I wouldn’t except it, I would try to get a more consistent WR such as AJ green? instead of cooks, and trade away demarco and a wr?


Is this keeper or dynasty?


Sorry it’s a redraft league!


Hmm good point there.


Don’t think I’d trade Bell for that. I’d be looking to package Demarco and a WR for an upgrade.


My thoughts exactly. Demarco and a WR for Evans or similar.