Trade Advice - too much?

Is a 2019 1st and a 2020 2nd plus Corey Clement too much for Joe Mixon?
My other RBs are Zeke/Guice/Anderson/Barber/Breida

I’d need to know more about your league drafts. Are you a keeper or dynasty league? Is it strictly a rookie draft?

Dynasty and yes just a rookie draft. First year start up. I’m starting to lean to it’s too much to pay…

for me, yes. but i also hold very little value to mixon. for as long as he is with that team and that head coach, ill always hold him as a low end RB2, high end RB3.

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Yes the more I look at him the more I’m thinking the same, if Clement gets more touches he could score more points…

It’s a no for me too, too much to give up on the hope mixon will be great

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@shooson22 and @BusterD thanks for taking me down from the crazy trading ledge!