Trade Advice- Traded Cooks

I traded Brandon Cooks for Philip Lindsey, was this a good trade? My wideouts are Stephon Diggs, Ju Ju , Quincy Enunwa. My backs are Todd Gurley , an injured Jay Ajayi , Buck Allen. I needed a solid RB2.

i would have rather have got a more solidified RB2 I hate the split with Royce Freeman. I’m not a big Lindsey guy tho.

I get what you’re doing, but I would not get rid of Rams players just yet.

Not a fan of thr freeman time share. I feel like you could have gotten a little more than a relative unknown for cooks

So should I try and get rid of Ajayi? I also have keelan cole Tyler locket and devonte Parker, so I have depth at the wide out position, just needed
Help at RB2