Trade advice - trading away Ertz

10 team .5 PPR.

I give: Ertz

Get: Ingram, Eifert

My team:

RBs: Fournette, Coleman, Michel, Collins, Morris

WRs: Hopkins, TY, Kupp, Baldwin, Cole, Callaway

I need help in the RB department and having Ingram would be a huge plus and Eifert seems to be an okay replacement and seems to be trending up.

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I would do that trade!!! Ingram will be solid and the difference between Ertz and Eifert will be minimal.

I usually play in 12+ team leagues, so I don’t have a great sense for the difference in player availability, but my gut still says no. I think it’s a fair trade, but I think the gap between Ertz and the 4th best TE is huge. I like your other RBs and am low on Freeman’s long-term health, so I think there’s a good chance you can start Colemen again as an RB1 going forward. Michel also has huge upside with Burkead out.

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I think I’d keep Ertz. The likelihood of Eifert staying healthy all year seems low. If he gets hurt, you’ll end up with a big drop off at TE and your RBs right now are decent. I’d prefer to try to package one of your RBs with one of your WRs if you want try to get an upgrade at RB.


I don’t think I’d do this in PPR. Eifert isn’t anything to pay attention to imo. You’re trading Ertz straight up for Ingram, which isn’t a bad thing if Ingram can repeat last season - but that would be a pretty devastating TE downgrade to take if Ingram isn’t what he was for some reason. I think you’re less weak at RB than you think. Those guys are all kind of at their respective low points due to injury or just coming off bad games. I’m 60/40 against this trade, but I understand taking it.

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Sony michels value just shot through the roof, he might be an RB1 ROS, dont trade ertz he just got a bunch of targets with wentz back

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Exactly what I’m thinking