Trade advice - Trading away saquon

trading saquon for mccafrey and cooper kupp

I could be wrong but isn’t Kupp out for a few weeks?

he might be, but that would be a couple weeks hold I have some WR on the bench that could fill in

I’d say no

any particular reason? i need to make a move im 2-4 and need to beef up the WR for a playoff push. Mccaffrey is getting RB1 numbers and my WR2 is Marvin Jones Jr

Two less superiors for one more superior is a trade i don’t like to make as the guy with the more superior.

saquon is top 3 this year outside of gordon and gurley he’s worth more than that

Just like what others are saying, I would not do this trade. If you really want to boost your lineup try getting more for Saquan, its not the worst trade but I am never for trading for an injured player.

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If you want to boost your lineup, do what this dude is trying to do to you. Trade two of your less superiors for one more superior.

what would be a better trade? the stats of the players will definitely help me in the long run but i see what you are saying