Trade Advice - Trading Diggs

So I’m currently tied for first in the league with a 4-2 record. Need some help at RB in my eyes.

Current team:
QB: Watson, Wilson
RB: Martin, Abdullah, Buck Allen, Lynch, Mack
WR: A.Brown, S.Diggs, D.Baldwin, P.Garcon, John Brown
TE: Doyle, Kittle
DST: Eagles
K: Hauschka

Been Offered CJ Anderson for Diggs. Highly considering it, since Diggs doesn’t seem to stay healthy, but does CJ continue to get as many touches as he did in 3 of 5 games? or does Charles, and now Booker eat into that?

Yeah tough call, a lot of question marks with those guys. I like both going forward, maybe even giving the edge to Diggs. Trading would slim you down at WR. Maybe you can package Watson and an RB for an upgrade?