Trade Advice?! Trying to get Goff

Hey guys,

So i’m sitting pretty at 7-2 right now in my league. Trying to prepare myself for the playoffs. As of now, my QB is Cam. Which isn’t horrible, but it’s not the best either. I’m trying to get Goff. The kid who has Goff has Brady and is also fighting for the 8 seed so i can help make his team better without losing much. My team as of now is:

QB: Cam
WR: Brown, Jones Jr, Sanu, Corey Davis, Cobb
RB: McCaffrey, McKinnon, Darkwa, Mack
TE: Gronk, Brate

What trades could i make that wont hurt me moving forward but help me get Goff? He wants WRs. So far the offers he’s sent are Sanu and Cobb for Goff and Stills. He also has Lee, Kearse, Murray, Watson on the trade block.

I’d offer Sanu for Goff straight up. Tell him he won’t use him because of Brady etc… If he wants more i dont know if it is worth it.