Trade Advice: Turn my team from Good to Great!

10 Team-Standard
I had 3rd pick snake draft
I feel like my team is good, I want it to be great!

Who should I trade to grab a sure fire RB1?
Where is my biggest weakness?

Aaron Rodgers
Mark Ingram
Frank Gore
Tyreek Hill
Zach Ertz
Randall Cobb
Steelers Def

Mike Gillislee
Terrence West
Ameer Abdullah
Doug Martin
Jacquizz Rogers
Taylor Gabriel
Jack Doyle

Iā€™d be shocked if anyone would trade you a sure fire RB1, but if they would it would likely cost Brown or Rogers (and if Rogers, probably something else too).

MAYBE you could find someone who is high on Hill, Ingram, Martin, or Gilly and package Hill and one of the RBs. Probably a long shot though.

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