Trade Advice....Whats your Opinion?

Hi all, I am in a 3 player Keeper League and my keepers are Wentz, Fournette, and AJ Green. I did well last year with collecting picks and have 3 1’s, 2 2’s, a 3 & 4 and 3 6’s and so on.

My question…I have a chance to trade Wentz and AJ Green for OBJ and Watson and another 6 for my last #1 pick. I am not 100% sure if I even want Watson anymore as I am starting to think Wentz is pretty close to him and is giving up a 1 to much when I am sending AJ green as well??

OBJ > Green
Watson > Wentz

For me, I think Watson and Wentz aren’t as close to where you have them. I think Watson is likely to finish top 5, but for Wentz I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he finishes outside top 10. Since there is only 3 keepers in this league, I would probably choose not to keep a QB. What other players can u keep because keeping a QB, unless its mahomes, wouldn’t be the move I would make. But going back to your initial question, I would do the trade given that you would still have 2 first rounders and you upgrade at both QB and WR, but I would personally look to keep someone else depending on your roster

I traded pretty much the rest of my good players except for Engram. I was thinking alone keeping him instead of Wentz but everyone in this league usually keeps a QB so there wont be a ton available. I am still thinking keeping Engram might be the option as well.

I would take that and run like the wind.

Watson > Wentz by a country mile. I think Watson has the best shot at finishing as QB1 this season over mahomes.

Also would hope you have better keepers than fournette and AJ Green. Not even sure I would use keepers to keep those assuming its costing you first rounds to keep.

In this league you keep three players from different positions but don’t lose a pick. Basically you have to keep three players. I had Adams but traded him away for AJ and a 1st and 3rd round pick this year when I knew I wasn’t making playoffs. In this league there is a couple teams deep at WR and or RB so will be forced to drop a few making them available in the draft … why I collected picks so I can better my keepers. Why I am asking is to get opinions as the UDK has Wentz right behind Watson and everyone seems to think he will be a top QB again this year plus If I keep my 1st I will most likely get Evans or Brown or Even juju and I am worried about OBJs injury proneness (if thats a word lol) lots to consider.

His keepers are Watson, James Connor and OBJ…I could get any combination of two as long as he gets his 1 back as he traded it to me last year.

I could probably swing a OBJ and Connor for AJ, Fournette and his 1 … thoughts

I would not have made that Adams trade. Cause even though its a 1st and a 3rd, that’s really a 4th and a 7th rounder and i guess a 3rd rounder for a top 10 pick in Adams.

If you’re worried about OBJ injury proness but you’re not worried about AJ Green? Hasn’t finished a season in years or had above 1K yards in couple seasons and is on a worse team.

Watson last yeara started off horrible coming off ACL and still finished as QB4. Wentz doesn’t have that type of upside and hasn’t finished an entire NFL season in his entire career. Give me watson by a country mile. I know what the UDK says but that’s a bet I’d make all day. I don’t rely on UDK rankings much, if at all. Some of the shit in there is whack.

All good points. We can second guess past trades all day long…there is much more to it then what I can post in a message on a form. The trade allowed me to do more then I explained and I got Adams for a 5th last year. I was looking ahead on this one as I knew there was going to be a lot of upgrades available in this years draft to allow me to get better keepers then AJ and Fournette ect…I placed 2ed two years ago in this league with Cooks, Fournette, and Brady as my keepers…I draft well usually but the wentz and watson thing has me second guessing things is all. WRT injury I am not saying I am not worried about AJ and injury as that wouldn’t be the issue…the issue I am forseeing is I give up a 1st to get OBJ were I could have gotten Brown or Evans or Juju for that one that all…

I would rather have OBJ than all of those that you listed in a 1 to 1 trade. JJSS and Evans being close 2nds.

I would rather have Watson than Wentz all day long though. That’s something I’m sure of. QBs that have legit the QB1 upside this season are mahomes, watson and Luck imo.

Wentz is more injury prone than OBJ. He has missed significant time and would have been more likely to lose his job to Foles if the team wasn’t so financially invested in him. Wentz is a good talent, but I like the ceiling of Watson more. Plus OBJ>AJ Green. Not just talent wise on their own, but OBJ is going to be playing on a better offense and CIN could very quickly be in tank mode this season. I would take OBJ/Watson in your case and be happy with it. Wentz/AJ is more of an injury risk than Watson/OBJ.