Trade Advice with Leveon/Conner

Do you trade Leveon and Conner for Joe Mixon? I’m pretty torn on it overall, it would be nice to have no concern of Mixon’s role. Sony Michel is currently my RB1

Standard scoring.

Thanks in advance

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I would probably do that to get rid of the headache of the Bell/Conner situation since we don’t know when Bell will be back or how the Steelers will use the two backs. If you do the trade you’d have two top12 RBs rest of season.

Thats fine Ill just call you Commi :slight_smile:

My gut tells me no. I think one of Bell and Conner will perform this year. But if it comforts you to not make that decison, go for it. Although with giving up Bell, I would say he should throw in a WR as well.

Yeah biggest problem making it work is his WRs. He has OBJ, Adams, and just traded for Juju. So hard to give up one of them and him feel good about it.

I feel similar to the way you do though. I think Conner is still the guy for the next 3 weeks. Part of wonders if Bell actually ever plays another down in Pitt. But that is the question

If you have both sit tight!

If they even end up in a RBC it’s likely both still produce.

Gordon/Ekeler for example. Ekeler isn’t putting up league winning numbers but he is a serviceable handcuff who leaps in value if anything happens.

I’d treat Bell/Conner the same.

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