Trade Advice ... Woods for Vaughn or Akers

I’m in a Superflex PPR Dynasty league. I have DJ & MT at receiver, Woods is probably my 3rd best. I also have AJ Green, John Brown, Watkins & Trequan. My starting RBs are Carson & Mack, with Coleman, Lindsey, Damian Williams, AP. Should I do this deal? If so, for which guy?

That’s a tough one. I would do Akers, but with plenty of hesitation. Hopefully Green can rebound and replace Woods. I think Akers will eventually be a top 20 guy but not exciting.

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What do you think about Vaughn

Not too high on him. Akers is usually in the 4-6 range in rookie drafts and Vaughn is 10-12. I would want at least a first for Woods. I would say Akers is a lot better and I’d still push for a little more in draft compensation.


I wouldn’t make either of those trades.

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I’m not crazy about it either, but wouldn’t you recommend trying to upgrade at RB, or do you think I’m fine there?

I genuinely couldn’t tell you what to do with your team without knowing entire rosters and scoring settings etc, etc because that plays a massive part.

However, in a bubble, your running backs are all in RBBCs, mid-range at best, with capped ceilings.

Akers is likely a RBBC also, but has a shot at being a lead man. Carson is pretty much a lead man also. I have no idea what to expect out of Mack this year. I drafted 2 WR and Kittle early (TE premium league) so my RB depth isn’t great

Everyone has a shot at being the lead man, but the new NFL leading towards keeping defences guessing with a bunch of different looks and personnel.

Akers could be the lead, but so could Henderson or Brown, but it’s most likely they split. Carson is the lead, but has had fumble issues, and has to deal with Penny and the newly signed Carlos Hyde.

Mack is cuffed by having a much better Jonathon Taylor there now, and Hines will likely take all the third down work.

If I was running that team, I’d be trading everyone except Moore and MT (unless someone would pay the world for them) and going on a balls out rebuild.

I’m not ready to give up the season just yet. I think I can compete, at least this year.

There is nothing worse in dynasty than mid-table finishes year after year. If you’re not sure you’re a semi-final team at worst, it’s rebuild time.

I wouldn’t do that trade, but definitely think you need an upgrade at RB if you want to compete. Back half of the year is gonna be rough for you if (and probably when) Williams and Mack are surpassed by the rookies. Mack has a decent chance of being relevant the whole year, but Williams will be replaced as soon as CEH is up to speed on the offense. If you’re trying to compete this year you might wanna try to go after David Johnson for cheap rather than giving up a solid WR2/3 in Woods

I’ve tried, but the DJ owner in our league thinks he’s worth a lot. I don’t think I can get him cheap.

Ah that’s annoying. Maybe try for Lenny or Gurley? Both should be relatively cheap and serviceable throughout the year