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Trade Advice - WR Upgrade


Standard Scoring

Im well off at RBs - should I trade away one for a better WR?

Le’Veon Bell
Kareem Hunt
Dalvin Cook
Doug Martin
Chris Carson

Brandin Cooks
Martavis Bryant
DeVante Parker
Rishard Matthews
Brandon Marshall
Ted Ginn Jr

Maybe package a RB and WR for a top WR?


Are you me?

I’m also interested. I have Bell in my RB1, Hunt in my RB2, and Cook in my flex. I played Cooks and Parker as my WR1 and 2 this week, so I was set, but still feel like I need to upgrade that WR spot. We did an auction draft, so one guy has Brown and Jones and basically nothing elsewhere. Quizz is his #1 RB, so I’m thinking of putting together a nice package for him with Martin and Mixon (picked off waivers!) for one of those top receivers. Our bench is crazy small with 5 spots and an IR, so it’s hard to build depth at any position. I wound up getting a ton of RB depth because it was cheap at the draft.

Look around your league. Does someone out there have a really weak RB corps? Who drafted DJ in your league?


Wow - nice lineup :slight_smile:

the DJ owner has Murray, Jamaal Williams, and McFadden. So definitely needs a RB.

His WRs are:

Amari Cooper
Desean Jackson
Stefon Diggs
Danny Amendola


Yikes, lol. Maybe after this horrendous game you can get Amari Cooper on the cheap! Not that he’ll really be super relevant for a while, playing in Denver next week, then Baltimore, Chargers, and KC. This guy really looks like he’s hurting.