Trade Advice- Yeldon for 3 possible targets

Alright Foot Clan, so I’m in a 12 standard league and looking to make my team better.
I have 2 possibly 3 targets that I might be able to get. This is my line up:

Pat Mahomes
S. Diggs
W. Fuller
C. Ridley
M. Jones
T. Boyd
J. Howard
T. Yeldon

So I am def thinking of moving T. Yeldon to upgrade RB. I’m either targeting Aaron Jones(hoping straight up trade).
Also thinking of packaging T. Yeldon and C. Ridley for L. Bell.
Also I think I can pull off a Fournette for Keenan Allen straight up trade.

What do you think?

MikeMeup- I’ve been really respecting your feedback- what do you think?