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Trade Advice Zeke?


12 man PPR league.

I have some depth at RB with Zeke, Martin,Freeman, and CJ Anderson. I need some better WR.

The Trade is Mike Evans and Joe Mixon for Zeke. What do you think?


Don’t like it. Freeman for those two is better.


I thought Zeke still has the possibility for suspension later on so its a risk move no?


He does but it’s minimal now that it’s in court. As long as the Cowboys are in contention they will keep it tied up in court I believe. There’s risk in every move of course but I’d bet on the elite RB playing the whole year. That’s where the upside is.


Makes sense. Thanks Rob!


Im not so sure Zeke is that far ahead of Freeman in full PPR. Who are your WRs? I might role with those RBs, unless they’re reaaallly rough.


MY WR are
Keenan Allen, Jamison Crowder, Davante Parker, Chris Hogan, Devin Funchess, Marvin Jones and Paul Richardson.

While we are on this… Would you play Keenan Allen or Jamison Crowder this week? Allen has a tough matchup vs DEN and Jamison is injured but playing


I think I’m standing pat. Those RBs are a dominating advantage. I’d go with Allen. I honestly don’t know if there’s a matchup for him that would scare me off. I think he’s going to be an absolute beast this year. I’m about as bullish on him as anyone you’re going to find though. Washington’s offense (and the Philly pass rush) also scares me until they prove they can still play.


I’m sorry, I may have not said that correctly. I have 2 open WR spots for this week and was thinking about both Allen and Crowder for them. Out of the other WR you think there is a better option? P.Rich has a juicy matchup with GB and taking over the WR2 slot.


I prefer both Allen and Crowder to Richardson


Thanks buddy