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Trade advice


Whats up!? I am in a full PPR dynasty, Thinking of offering Demarco Murray and Jalen Richard for Mike Evans. Good or bad idea? By the way I hope i did this right… New to this.


Generally speaking if you could get someone to agree to that it would be awesome for you. In a dynasty most people have Mike Evans as the #2 ranked asset. Young talented WRs are very valuable in a dynasty because of the projected length of their careers. Murray meanwhile probably has this year left, and Richard may never become a usable fantasy asset.

So yeah make the offer, just don’t be surprised if the other guy doesn’t go for it. Only caveat is that this deal may not make sense for you depending on your roster.


Awesome! Thanks for the input. I already have L Bell, D Freeman, Tevan Coleman, Ameer Abdullah, D Sprools. Now that i’m looking… maybe I will rethink it.


Would be a good trade for you if you can get him to bite. Does he need RB help?


That is an absolute STEAL for Mike Evans in Dynasty if you can make it happen.


i was going to say it depends on what your WR and RB situation is like, but youre already fairly stacked at RB looks like. evans for murray is a fantastic trade. because thats basically what it is lol. only thing you might have to worry about is that injury bug with bell. if he goes down you will be relying on coleman and abdullah to bring you home. which btw, i think you having abdullah is fantastic with how your team is set up. anyway, DO IT.


The guy probably will not take that trade. You’d need to offer a solid young WR for me to even consider it, and I’d need to be hurting as RB to even consider it.


This is a very similar question to what I was going to ask and you also have the same RBs as me.

I’ve been offered Evans and James Conner for Devonta Freeman and Terrelle Pryor (who are mine).

I have the same RBs as you except with Mixon and Doug Martin thrown in too.

What side would you prefer?


Get Evans. Freeman is, what, 26? Could easily be washed in two years.