Trade Advice~

My team(Standard 10 Team)

QB: Andrew Luck
RB: David Johnson, Lamar Miller, Adrian Peterson, Jamaal Williams, Aaron Jones, Alfred Morris
WR: Brandin Cooks, Josh Gordon, Marvin Jones, Peirre Garcon
TE: Gronk

I send over Lamar Miller and Adrian Peterson for Mike Evans and JuJu Smith.

Is this a good trade?

For straight value, yes. But that leaves you thin at RB unless you’re comfortable waiting for Packer’s running backs… which by the way… there’s 3 of them getting time share.

He wants a RB and I want a good receiver. Is there any packages you would recommend. Or should I just try for a 1 for 1?

In his team, I really would like Mike>T.Y>JuJu

Lamar for JuJu is pretty fair. Evans and T.Y. you’ll likely have to part with Peterson or combo a trade.

I guess Mike Evans for Lamar would be stretching it huh?

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You might need AP this week… can you hold off? Since he is a hot hand right now…you can do better.

Had Mike evans last year as wr1…bust. See no reason to change my mind.

JuJU was bust too had him warming my bench all year…waste