Trade Adviced - PPR RB's

Full PPR.

RB’s have been letting me down (Ajayi, Lynch) - Though I’m still 3-1. Another team who’s 2-2 has Gurley, cohen, abdullah, & riddick. My squad of rb’s are Ajayi, Lynch, Gore, Powell, & Kamara.

My gut says I want abdudllah (despite injury history) - and since he’s got riddick already, offer him Alvin Kamara.

  1. Is this a trade offer you’d make
  2. Is this a trade offer you think you’d accept

I love Kamara, but Gore kind of suffers in the offense he’s in. PPR way feeds into his value. I would offer Gore first and go from there, especially since Gore might have more perceived value this week, but season long might suffer if Luck stays out more weeks than anticipated. Gore gets goal line value, but I think he’s actually getting outtouched in the red zone given how poor the offense is.

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Good call on the gore aspect - as you suggested, Mack’s showing last week has lowered the perceived value of Gore now and with Peterson moving to AZ Kamara’s situation couldn’t look any better.

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