Trade advices

Im really needy at WR and another guy is desperately trying to trade me Keenan Allen for a back… my backs are Hunt, Howard, Martin with not so great bench guys (injuries etc)… i know i could talk him into Martin for Allen which i like but I cant really afford to not have an RB2 during my byes on weeks 9 and 10… His problem is his RB1 is Freeman and RB2 is coleman lol… im thinking about offering:
Howard, Martin, and Smallwood for Freeman, Allen, and Duke Jr… i like this trade for me even though everyones panicing over Freeman… is there a reason i shouldnt do it if he goes for it?

Can we bump here?

I like this trade for you tbh if he’ll accept. I think you win in the Freeman for Howard and duke for Smallwood end and Even for Allen vs martin although if he’s keen to get rid and values martin higher you could get it over the line. Try without Smallwood/duke if he says no.

Yeah I was thinking Smallwood/Duke might be the tipping point… this guy is the definition of recency bias though like i said before hes desperately trying to ship Allen for any decent RB… figured i might be able to talk him into looking at Smallwoods “last healthy game” where he looked really good… he looked fine last night even but Clement kinda worries me… if it was just smallwood and Blount then w.e… but Clement poaching TDs and 3rd downs is a no bueno