Trade advise Goff for Robinson and Mccarron

I´m currently week on WR and hold Manning, Goff, Darnold and Jackson in a 12 team superflex 0,5 ppr. I got an offer for Goff where I would recive Robinson and Mccarron. I like Robinson a lot but It would leave me with just Manning and Mccarron as QB´s until one of the rookies earns a starting job. What do you guys think?

How weak are you at WR out of interest, who do you currently have?

I currently hold Corey Coleman, Eric Decker, edelman, Malcolm Mitchell, denvante parker, John Ross, Latimer and Tyrell Williams.
And Gallup, lasley, callaway j’mon Moore on TS.

Yikes you are weren’t exaggerating that isn’t the best group out there! There are a few pieces and upside guys though to get you through a season… I don’t think McCarron will have the starting job for long and like you said i wouldn’t want him either. Darnold is the best bet for playing time of note this year, even if he doesn’t win the job in camp McCown will get hurt at some point.

Robinson would be tempting and certainly improve your core. I’d want more back though in this situation if you were to trade Goff and leave yourself short a second QB, like another WR that can help right away. I assume you are good at RB/TE etc?

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Accually he asked for Drake aswell… I just said no to the whole thing. I have 2 first round picks next year. I´ll probably wait for the draft-hype and trade for something that could help me. And you´re assuming a lot, i´m in no way good at TE & RB. :sweat_smile:
Thanks for your input anyhow.

Haha okay yes i think stay put and build that way, you’ll get better players or value for sure

Glad to read you did not take that trade. definitely not worth it especially in superflex. Next year you should be far better off at QB, and your WR corp should take a step forward in development. Eldeman and T. Williams might surprise you this year. Coleman has a shot as does Ross. Your rooks look like high likelihood. Good news is apparently you drafted well. Bad news is it could be a long year :wink:

Thanks! Yeah I think I´m better of waiting to get a better deal. I had a really bad year last year so I dont expect it to get any worse. Good news is my first round pick will only rise in value. Thanks for your input! :slight_smile:

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I hear you. I inherited a dynasty team two seasons back (coming into my year 3 in 2018) and it was a train wreck. I made some gutsy/stupid? choices in trades (Lev Bell, J. Nelson and D. Freeman) to get some assets, picks and credits (this is a super confusing dynasty league). I think it is only now beginning to work out. I found that those two years I expected to be tough, so I actually enjoyed any wins more than other leagues. Hopefully this year the tide keeps rising :slight_smile:

Good luck this season!