Trade Advise McKinnon / Miller

Which side would you prefer:

Team A gets Jerick McKinnon

Team B gets Lamar Miller and Dede Westbrook.

It’s a Dynasty League trade.

Team A all the way

I think it is pretty close, as Miller IMHO will do better with Watson back. I liked Westbrook but understand he is likely just a flex play at best. On the other hand, I really like McKinnon…like really like him. But we have no idea how things are actually going to pan out.

I would take Team A in a sleight lean. Not a slam dunk to me, but likely better.

If this is PPR then Team A probably gets a bit more attractive than it already is.

I hope this helps some!

Team A - As much as I love Dede, the offense there is just a mess. Way too many mouths to feed and even last year when he got his chance, Cole basically overshadowed him.

Although I really like miller, I’m a believer in talent and I think Foreman supplants him within 2 years. So Mckinnon gets the nod with Shanahan who I am betting on to find a way to make him work. He’s a freak SPARQ athlete who is finally getting the opportunity with the right coach, right offense to get things rolling. Wouldn’t be shocked if he became a top 6-8 RB.

Team A for me

I like Dede a lot, but Jags are pretty crowded at that position right now. No idea the state of Foreman’s injury, so I’m thinking Lamar might actually have some good opportunities this year behind a healthy Watson, but all that being said I’d rather McKinnon with Shanny in SF.

that is a surprisingly tough one. mckinnon, no matter how much people really like him, is not locked into production. there is a good chance he is, but he could also be a 50 50 guy. so the unknown of him scares me a bit.

but then you have lamar miller, who could just not even be a 40% guy there. dede is the same. he could be the 2, or the 6. there are a TON of variables and what ifs to this. which makes it simple… follow the money. and mckinnon got paid, has less variables than either one of lamar and dede, and is just flat out a good player. not blow you away good, just good. so as weird as it is, mckinnon over both lamar AND dede. but it is close, because i could see how this could end up being a horrible mistake. but more than likely, it wont be. long term im not confident in lamar even having a job, and dede could be relegated to 3rd string pretty quick. mckinnon is all but locked int a minimum role of getting 50% + snaps.