Trade advise.. Please HELP!

I got offered Julio for Elliott… Elliott is on fire now, but his legal issues are dampening my fantasy league. Julio hasnt been performing the way he should be… but you never know with Julio. Here is my current roster:

My RBs are D. Martin, Elliott, Miller and A. Jones.
My WRs are Landry, Doctson, Ginn Jr., Watkins and Dede Westbrook.

What you all think? Should I accept the trade?

Keeper league?

No. Just a standard non-ppr league

That is a tough call. To me it comes down to if you are comfortable moving forward with Martin, Miller and Jones as your RB core. Julio would definitely improve your WRs and your RBs would still be very solid with some depth. I think I lean go for it

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I agree that its a very tough call. My current standing is 4-3. Would you go for it?

I think I would do the trade, especially with Zeke’s legal situation where it looks like he may miss 6 games, giving you someone to help you win now and make a playoff push


I would do it no question

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