Trade advise please

So I have bell and I’m really unsure of him right now and I’m trying to trade for Conner. So the trade I’m throwing out there is trey burton and Dion Lewis for Conner and Royce Freeman.
My roster

Qb big Ben

Rb bell, A. Collins, Ingram, D. Lewis, Gilisllee, R. Penny

Wr A. Cooper, M. Thomas, R. Anderson, J. Gordon

Te T. Burton
Top team standard

Hard to say without knowing the other guy’s team situation, but just based on that, I don’t think I would take that trade if I were in his shoes. Sorry :confused:

Keep in mind that 90+ percent of trade offers you’re thinking about will just get declined or ignored so mostly a pointless exercise. But if you want my 2c there is no way I am giving up Freeman and Conner for that. Shocking maybe but it’s a hard no for me if that trade hits my inbox.

That’s kinda what I figured. I’m in talks with him right now. He wants burton since he’s got reed. His RBS are d. Johnson, d. Freeman, r. Freeman. So you think I’d better off just waiting out this bell situation and holding onto my guys?

Just target Conner. Simplify the deal and get to the heart of the matter imo. You’ll have to pay a premium and while he’s clearly no Lev Bell, he’s still an uncontested, starting, 3-down back on Pittsburgh’s powerful offense in Bell’s absence. Only you can decide what it’s worth to sew up that backfield for the season. If it’s me in your shoes, I’d give up tre burton or Dion Lewis to end the stress of this situation but some will think that’s crazy.

Would I be crazy to trade Ingram for conner?