Trade Advise: Should I trade TY Hilton and Ajayi for Bell?

I was offered Bell for TY Hilton and Ajayi on a 3WRs PPR league. My others WR are: OBJ, Marvin Jones, Kupp and Sammy Watkins. My RBs are: Mixon, Burkhead, Sony Michel, Breida, Kerryon Johnson and Marlon Mack. (QB: Kirk Cousins, TE: Gronk)


i would do it, you already get ajayi’s first week stats and if bell returns next week and misses this week thats a win win, your wr depth is fine, your rbs could be weak early on by this trade if bell doesnt return but it’s worth the risk i think.

Do that trade. Immediately. You have got to be kidding me with this. Wish guys in my leagues were willing to make trades like that.

Do it, Bell will play this year and RB is where you need help. You have the WR depth to absorb this loss and wait for Bell. Take it and do it before they change their mind

Ian Rapoport is (kind of) expecting Bell to show up tomorrow. I’d wait until then to see what happens. If he’s back for week 2 I’d for sure do it.

always think that whenever i see these posts, how do people get so lucky

I would 100% not do this. Obviously, if he shows up tomorrow, you can’t get him for Ajayi and Hilton lol. Fantasy rewards those who take risks, not a herd of sheep who play it safe. If you get bell for Ajayi and Hilton, the risk of him not showing up is already built in. If he shows up, you win your league. It’s that simple.

Trade stays posted so he easily could. Just have to beat him to the update.

I don’t even know what your trying to say.

OP: If that trade exists, go take it now and run. Ignore the noise. It’s a good deal for you. Hilton has a bunch of question marks attached to him as well, mainly being Luck. And Ajayi is going to be an RB2 season long at best. You’re getting in return in my eyes, the RB1 if he plays.

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you cant press the accept button fast enough!!