Trade advise T.Hill <-> J.Howard

Hey Footclan and bonjour from Germany!

A good friend plays his first year and I am his helping hand. He was proposed a trade, his T.Hill for J.Howard. Now we have different opinions here and now it’s your turn Footclan.

His WR/RBs right now:

D. Hopkins
K. Allen
T. Hill
E. Sanders
R. Cobb

A. Collins
D. Henry
R. Burkhead
C. Hyde
K. Johnson

Thanks for all your opinions!

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Honestly, I don’t mind the trade. Although I’m not high on Hill and I think Howard is severely underrated.

That said, do not accept the trade!

The trade partner is trying to sell Howard for as much value as they can get in return. Howard’s value is extremely depressed right now. You should only be paying for Howard’s perceived market value.


im doing it. unless you can shop tyreek around for something better, this is a really good value for a team that is short on RBs and heavy on WRs. to make this trade you gotta believe in howard with the new offense. i do. i think he will be a solid RB2, probably in the RB14-RB16 range consistently. also, i see tyreek returning to that range as well. so its an even trade in that respect for me.


OH BONJOUR! I would take Howard. I am not high on Henry, and the other three RBs look to be entering the season in a RBBC. Howard most likely will be a 1st and 2nd down back. As for Hill, he is dealing with a lot of new things this year (OC, Watkins, Mahomes). He doesn’t get many targets either (105 last year, 83 in '16) and now has Watkins in the mix. To top it all off I am huge fans of Allen and Sanders, so I do not see the issue at all of trading Hill.


I agree the majority is right. Howard is a great piece but tyreek’s value is higher. Worth more. Maybe swing for a dalvin cook. Look for more bang for your buck. If inable then sell to the howard owner


That is actually true. To know that your base is Howard when trading Hill, might as well work your way up the ladder to see if you can do any better

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I am pretty high on Hill, and about as low as one can be on Howard (I think he is maybe the most overrated RB in the league), but RB is a major issue on that roster, so I’d he ok with it. Not excited though.


I think this is a good trade for your roster, but not a good trade. You can sustain a hit at WR and your RB will get better. That is the name of the game.


You are giving up more than you are getting. I like the above ideas to try and climb the ladder. I think Howard will be fine but you can do better IMHO. I like the Cook idea and maybe you can lean on the ‘come back from injury’ card. Admittedly, that is a real concern. But if he is good, that will be awesome!

Or at least get another piece with Howard. Possibly another 2/3 as position with upside? Maybe picks?

I hope this helps!


You guys are great! Thanks so far!
I see more value in Hill too, but my friend is high on the Bears this year.
Getting another piece is not my favorit, because I dont like his bench players much and we would have to kick one from our bench to get space.
I looked at the other team and he has D.Cook too. Would you guys go for that trade? Hill <->Cook?

That’s more like it. Risky, but I’d definitely consider that.

PPR I try and get better value for Hill but I would still end up making the trade in the end.
Standard I make that trade all day.

Your boy needs RB help and you wont have to juggle the start/sit of hill sanders, and cobb.

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Assuming that this is some sort of keeper or dynasty format?
Cook’s value is greater than everyone but Nuk. Sanders, Hyde and probably Collins are on new teams next year with Sanders being of little value. Who knows about the others.
If he’s willing to consider parting with Cook I’d pay a good premium for him. Hill, Cobb/Sanders(either) plus Henry wouldn’t be unfair. If he insists on one of your top 2 wr, shop around. Their lifetime value is so much longer than any rb.

Not sure Howard is a Bear next year either and I’m a Bears homer. Just don’t see the fit though I do see a path for a sick TD total depending on random luck.

I understand the point about value, however, I think you guys are overthinking it a little bit. This roster needs a running back in Howard’s tier and currently doesn’t have one. This roster also has a really strong wide receiver corps and could stand the hit of losing Hill.

I’m actually not sold on Cook as the clearly better option, either. Yes, he has high upside, and currently a higher value, but that was a serious injury. RB’s haven’t thrived in offenses with Cousins at qb, and who knows what philosophy the new Vikings OC will have? If it resembles the system he helped build under Pederson in Philly, he won’t be leaning on a single back as much as Cook’s ADP value suggests.

Value in July fluctuates in the context of roster needs. It’s also often not a reflection of what will actually happen from September – January, so making moves based on value in July is risky business.

I would definetley take cook for hill. I would still consider Howard for hill and if your friend really is high on the bears its a pretty good trade value wise and based on his roster. After all part of fantasy football is enjoying it so if he is a fan of Howard I think the trade is comparable enough to make it. I think Matt Nagy will be a boost for the bears as he learned under Andy Reid and they continually churn out good runners.

Bonjour from Canada!

I’m taking that trade all day long. There’s a ton of uncertainty around T. Hill and a lot of weapons for targets to go to in KC. Hill may have a few big games, but looking at your buddy’s running backs, he could use a bruiser like Howard. Might not have as high an upside, but at least you know what you’re getting.

Good Luck

See if you can get a high risk kind of high upside WR in return. But yes considering weak RBs and Strong WRs.

Absolutely I do this trade; it’s a classic floor vs ceiling kind of debate. Hill’s ceiling his higher among his contemporaries but Howard’s floor is far above Hill… Without any really exciting backs on your roster, I’d say getting Howard for Hill makes your team a lot more competitive week to week.

Like mentioned by others, there’s always the idea of a counter offer or shopping Hill to illicit some other offers, but at the moment your priority should be to make a trade akin to the one you were offered. If you’re looking to make a quick move, then it’s in your teams best interest to secure the deal.