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Trade Advive


WRs are Baldwin, M Thomas, Crabtree, D Thomas, and Parker
RBs are Gillisle, Buck Allen, Riddick, Prosise, Tolbert and an injured Johnson
As you can see RB situation not so good.

Would you consider trading M Thomas for Gurley?
Also was offered Cohen for D Thomas.
Which one would you take or would you do both or maybe none?


cohen is a solid rb getting looks running and that has increased week to week. and gets many many looks in passing game as well, if ppr, cohen has high upside on that as well as bears have basically no wr’s. (note: i do have cohen in two leagues)

im more so on board with that trade than michael thomas for gurley. gurley looks good but about to get a slew of tough matchups plus his end of the season looks tough too for that playoff push and games.


Yeah I’m not too big on Gurley either but thought it was worth considering. Cohen would be a definite upgrade to my RBs and I’d still be left with solid WRs


yeah, baldwin thomas and crabtree are all solid plays and parker has some upside given matchup and if they can run the ball.