Trade Aj green for Fitzgerald and Jordy nelson

Got offered today A.J. Green for Jordy Nelson and Larry fitz! Is this a good trade with rodgers and palmer out?

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Depends on current team, but I’d rather have AJ than those two.

Both Jordy and Fitz lost their main QB. As a (former) TY Hilton owner, ask me how well the big name WR does when they don’t have their primary QB?

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I just made the same trade Sunday morning to get Green. He F’d me by getting ejected but with no suspension I’m really happy about my end of the deal. The way I look at it is I have ZERO confidence starting Jordy or Fitz ROS & I have 100% confidence starting Green. Frankly, I’m shocked the Green owner agreed on it.

I also had depth at WR though. I have Crabtree, DThomas, Parker, Sheppard & Theilen. Now I have Green too.

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As an owner of Fitzgerald + Nelson, I wish I had trades like these thrown my way. Went from the best WRs in my entire league to bottom feeders. Evans, Fitz, Nelson - POOF value gone. Evans not so much, but you get the idea.

Yeah it sucks when a player gets ejected like that! I could have used his points because I lost by 5 points! That and Jamesis Winston went down too so it was the lowest point total of my fantasy career!

I packaged them together and made an offer to almost every team in my league who had a great receiver. The green owner was the one that bit…

I know what you mean. I was up 121.55 to 121.51 last night after the game. This morning Yahoo took a tackle away from one of my defenders and I lost by 1 point!!!