Trade AJ Green for Tevin Coleman or another RB?

Would you trade aj green for tevin Coleman at this point? I have Amari cooper, Michael Thomas, dj, Dalvin cook, Waller, singletary, Curtis Samuel, Royce Freeman, Dede Westbrook and Sanu on my team now. Thinking ahead with this potential injury to David Johnson’s back and him and cook having the same bye week, I need some RB depth. Do I trade green now for a guy like Coleman or someone else or sit on him and hope he comes back to play in my flex?

I would absolutely take that trade. Tevin Coleman is Kyle Shannahan’s guy - he will get plenty of carries on a run-heavy team with a great offense. Yes, AJ Green is an elite receiver but I think he will struggle when he returns from his injury.


yeah I’m worried if he even plays much at all this year…might be too late before he’s worth it.

That’s also a good point. Unfortunately, he’s getting older and his chance of re-injury is high. If this trade is still on the table, take it.

was never on the table, but I’m asking the team who has coleman…might get lucky, or negotiate it into a package or something.

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