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Trade Ajayi and Hilton for Julio


Trying to get Julio in my 12 Team PPR league and concerned with Ajayi having to play 16 straight games.
My Roster:
RB:Hunt, Cook, Ajayi, T West, Bernard
WR: AB, Hilton, Thielen, Watkins, Decker, Kupp
QB: Palmer, Luck (IR Spot)

His Roster:
RB: Fournette, Powell, Blount, Stewart, Sims
WR: Julio, D Thomas, Cobb, Britt, Shepard
TE: Eifert, J James
QB: Ryan



I would honestly try to deal West + Hilton for Julio. I would hang on to Ajayi. You have strong RBs and West is not dependable. I get your Ajayi concern, but maybe wait until another good game before selling.


Huge Falcons fan here so I’ll just remind you that Julio is fairly injury prone…not that he’s not worth having, but try to work that into the price if you can. You don’t want to be pinned to the wall if he gets hurt. I agree with the guy suggesting to offer West, offer him and see what happens.